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Supporting a Diverse Health Care Workforce at AACOM’s Annual Conference

May 3, 2019

Addressing the health care workforce shortage, and simultaneously increasing diversity among the health professions, cannot be done without also addressing graduate student debt. Hear what our ED to MED Town Hall panelists had to say about the connection between diversity and federal financial aid at AACOM’s Annual Conference.

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Spelling Success in Advocacy: Important Acronyms to Know

April 18, 2019

By Mary-Lynn Bender, Interim Vice President of Government and Public Relations

In honor of Scrabble Day, we’re breaking down how to turn important acronyms into actionable messages for the next time you speak up on behalf of ED to MED. Check out this guide for a go-to, easy-to-use ED to MED messaging dictionary that turns letters into action.

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AACOM Honors Mustafa Basree: 2019 ED to MED Outstanding Advocate of the Year

April 12, 2019

By Pamela Murphy, AACOM Senior Vice President of Government Relations

Every year, we are inspired by what ED to MED advocates accomplish. This year, ED to MED would like to recognize the extraordinary advocacy efforts by one of its star members. We are honored to recognize Mustafa Basree as the 2019 ED to MED Outstanding Advocate of the Year!

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Guest Blog: Primary Care, PSLF, and Protecting the Underserved

March 29, 2019

By Natalie Torrente, OMS-III, University of Pikeville-Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine

As someone who has always had a passion for internal medicine, I am comforted knowing that programs like Public Service Loan Forgiveness exist. Without this program, individuals like myself who are driven to pursue primary care may be forced to choose between their financial wellbeing and their desire to serve our country’s most vulnerable. I urge Congress to #SavePSLF as they work to reauthorize the Higher Education Act.

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Above and Beyond: ED to MED’s Campus Ambassadors

March 22, 2019

ED to MED’s Campus Ambassador Program was designed to give ED to MED’s most dedicated advocates a platform to help inform others on key education policies, grow the campaign, and make their voices heard with policymakers. I encourage you to join ED to MED’s Campus Ambassador Program today.

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Guest Blog: Inspiring Advocacy during Women’s History Month

March 13, 2019

In honor of International Women’s Day and Women’s History Month 2019, I challenge ED to MED advocates to celebrate the achievements of women in medicine and follow their lead by connecting with your own passions to become strong advocates and truly great health professionals.

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Your ED to MED Questions Answered by Dr. Seuss

February 22, 2019

By Mary-Lynn Bender, AACOM Senior Director of Government and Public Relations

We’re celebrating the legendary Dr. Seuss’s 115th birthday by reimagining some of his most famous pieces. We’re sure that he would have raised his voice to advocate for the health professions community.

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Why We Love Our Campus Ambassadors

February 8, 2019

By Mary-Lynn Bender, AACOM Senior Director of Government and Public Relations

ED to MED Campus Ambassadors make a difference in the fight to protect federal financial aid programs. That’s why we’re showing our love for them this Valentine’s Day.

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