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Giving Thanks for Our Community of Advocates

November 16, 2018

By Mary-Lynn Bender, AACOM Senior Director of Government and Public Relations

Thanksgiving is a time for reflecting on all the reasons you are grateful. Here at ED to MED, we’re most thankful for the advocates that raise their voices on behalf of the future health care workforce. Discover all the reasons we’re giving thanks this year.

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Guest Blog: Protecting Primary Care with PSLF and Grad PLUS

November 9, 2018

By Tiffany Ziegler, MS, OMS-III, Arizona College of Osteopathic Medicine of Midwestern University

No one tells you going into medical school that your graduate student debt can limit your specialty choice. I can’t serve others if I can’t afford to pay off my student loans, and unfortunately, with the future of loan repayment programs now up for debate in Congress, I’m finding myself having to decide who and where to serve based on pay.

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COM Day on Capitol Hill: Learning from In-Person Advocacy

November 2, 2018

By Mary-Lynn Bender, AACOM Senior Director of Government and Public Relations

Nicole Lighthouse, fourth-year medical student at A.T. Still University of Health Sciences Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine and recent AACOM Osteopathic Health Policy Intern, discusses her experience advocating in Washington, DC during AACOM’s 2018 COM Day on Capitol Hill

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Guest Blog: A Message for Medical Students: Vote this November

October 26, 2018

By Christopher Walker, Campbell University School of Osteopathic Medicine

As November approaches, so does the opportunity for you to make your voice heard. Taking the time to vote is one of the single most important things you could do for your future. Regardless of the outcome of the election once the ballots are tallied, your voice is still important. Staying informed and active in advocacy is crucial to make sure you are heard clearly and heard often.

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Next Week: Upcoming Webinar on Important Loan Repayment Opportunity

October 19, 2018

By Mary-Lynn Bender, AACOM Senior Director of Government and Public Relations

The National Health Service Corps Students to Service Loan Repayment Program provides up to $120,000 to fourth-year medical and dental students who are pursuing degrees in primary care and committed to practice in underserved communities. ED to MED student advocates are encouraged to participate in an upcoming webinar on Thursday, October 25 to learn more about this important program.

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Guest Blog: Saving Grad PLUS for the Health of Underserved Communities

October 12, 2018

By Jesse McIlwaine, OMS-II, MSc, Touro College of Osteopathic Medicine – Middletown

I am a native New Yorker and have remained within the state throughout my schooling. I am fortunate to have many things people often take for granted—blessings I’ve become increasingly aware of during my time volunteering in my underserved community of Middletown, NY. I am urging Congress to #SaveGradPLUS for the sake of my education and the health of my future patients.

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Make Your Voice Heard on Virtual Hill Day

September 21, 2018

By Pamela Murphy, AACOM Senior Vice President of Government Relations

Are you ready for Virtual Hill Day and COM Day on Capitol Hill 2018? Whether online or in person in Washington, D.C., members of the health professions community are convening to inform Congress about the policy issues that affect us. Be sure to read our Hill Day one-pager for all the info you need to make #COMDay18 count.

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Why All Health Professions Students Should Take Action on Virtual Hill Day

September 17, 2018

By Pamela Murphy, AACOM Senior Vice President of Government Relations

ED to MED advocates have been speaking up as part of the #E2MChallenge to raise awareness of the importance of the Public Service Loan Forgiveness and Grad PLUS Loan Programs, and why Congress must invest in all health professionals as part of the future health care workforce. Learn why you should add your voice.

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Back to School: Campus Ambassadors Spread the Word about ED to MED

September 7, 2018

By Mary-Lynn Bender, AACOM Senior Director of Congressional and Public Relations

With fall approaching and osteopathic medical students returning to campus, our ED to MED Campus Ambassadors have been busy educating their classmates on the issues important to their futures and encouraging them to advocate for change through the ED to MED campaign. Learn about their outreach and get inspired about ways you can engage students on your own campus.

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