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Blog » Make 2019 Your Year of Advocacy

Make 2019 Your Year of Advocacy

January 4, 2019

By Mary-Lynn Bender, AACOM Senior Director of Government and Public Relations

With the New Year just beginning, you may be putting your resolutions for the upcoming year into action. Want to start 2019 off on the right foot? Whether you’re entering the next semester of graduate or medical school or are already a member of our country’s health care workforce, look no further than ED to MED.

ED to MED is a national grassroots advocacy campaign created to give students a voice in the conversation surrounding the reauthorization of the Higher Education Act. We bring together medical students, medical educators, graduate and health professions students, and other advocates from across the nation to raise the profile of graduate student debt issues in the halls of Congress. Our diverse group of advocates across the osteopathic medical education and health professions communities and beyond stands up for the future of America’s health care workforce and the patients those professionals serve.

Advocacy is for every citizen, whether you are training to be a future health care professional, have been working with patients for years, or are a patient yourself. If you are concerned about health care workforce shortages, start advocating today for federal programs that health professions students rely on by joining ED to MED to learn more.

With a new Congress being sworn in, your voice is more important than ever before. More than 100 new Members in the House and Senate need to hear from the osteopathic medical education and health professions communities about why federal financial aid is crucial to addressing health care workforce shortages. Returning Members also need to be reminded that programs like Grad PLUS and Public Service Loan Forgiveness matter and can help increase access to health care in communities that need it most.

2018 was a great year for our advocates, and we can’t wait to see what we can accomplish in 2019. If standing up for the future health care workforce and patients across the country sounds right for you, start today by following ED to MED on Twitter and Facebook. Together, we can build a better future for health professions students and the patients they will serve.