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National Partners


ED to MED is leading an effort to unify and mobilize a core group of national partners around federal higher education policy issues that affect the future health care workforce. In addition to the 18 organizations that have endorsed our campaign principles, ED to MED welcomes additional allied groups to stand with us in defense of policies that protect patients’ access to health care across the country. View the organizations that have endorsed our campaign principles.

Uniting to Save PSLF and Grad PLUS

The Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) Program plays a crucial role in incentivizing careers in public service by assisting qualified health professionals and other graduate students as they work to give back to their communities. Grad PLUS loans are federal, Direct PLUS Loans that help graduate and professional students finance the full cost of their education. In December, the House Education and the Workforce Committee passed the PROSPER Act, Republican legislation that would eliminate PSLF and replace and reduce Grad PLUS loans to limit borrowing for medical and other health professions students.

Seventy percent of osteopathic medical students who graduated in the 2017-2018 academic year who planned on entering a loan-forgiveness program reported their intent to enter the PSLF Program, while 70 percent relied on Grad PLUS.

With our nation’s medical and other health professions students struggling with high debt burdens and our nation grappling with a health care workforce shortage, Congress should not add to the barriers of obtaining a health professions degree, and must support federal student loan programs that encourage and enable students to pursue careers in public service and health care.


Take Action

Help ED to MED #SavePSLF and #SaveGradPLUS. Visit our initiative webpages and get started today.