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Blog » Preparing for the Year Ahead with These Advocacy Essentials

Preparing for the Year Ahead with These Advocacy Essentials

July 19, 2019

Mary-Lynn Bender, AACOM Interim Vice President of Government & Public Relations

Though it may feel like summer has just begun, health professions students across the country soon will be or are already heading back to school for another year of learning, studying, and gaining the knowledge required to earn their degrees. Make sure you’re prepared for the upcoming school year with these advocacy essentials.

ED to MED Buttons

Our Ambassadors know just how important ED to MED buttons are for starting the conversation about why every health professions student should advocate for themselves and their patients. You can wear your ED to MED button at health policy events, around campus, or at conferences to get others interested in the campaign. If you want to take your advocacy a step further by educating others on policy issues and motivating them to become strong advocates in their own right, sign up to be an Ambassador at your institution.

#SavePSLF Postcards

There are various ways to reach Members of Congress, but a unique way to share your story is by sending #SavePSLF postcards. It’s easy—you can download these postcards and send them to Capitol Hill to make sure your elected officials know just how important federal programs such as the Public Service Loan Forgiveness Program are to health professions education and patients everywhere, especially in medically underserved communities. Download and send your postcard to your lawmakers today!

Public Policy News

You can’t be a strong advocate without staying current on health care and higher education policy developments. If you’re looking for a quick way to get informed between exams, subscribe to AACOM’s Washington Insider for biweekly policy highlights and advocacy opportunities. There’s no better way to be in the know about issues impacting your future.

Your Imagination

Truly great advocates inspire and motivate, engaging others and making a big impact. At ED to MED, we aim to make advocacy as easy as possible, but your unique story is one of the most powerful tools you have to influence Congress. Take a few minutes to personalize your message to Congress about why federal financial aid and loan repayment programs not only help you work to become a health professional in your community, but also enable patients to access the health care they need.

As you’re preparing for the start of the next school year, ED to MED is here to help you stay active and engaged. Advocates are critical to ensuring Congress understands how health and higher education policies impact health professions students and patients in their communities. Kick your next school year off right by joining ED to MED today.