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Blog » Raise Your Voice to #SaveGradPLUS

Raise Your Voice to #SaveGradPLUS

May 18, 2018

By Mary-Lynn Bender, AACOM Director of Congressional and Public Affairs

The effort to protect and preserve the federal Graduate PLUS Loan Program is gaining traction. Impassioned support from advocates across the country is amplifying the #SaveGradPLUS movement to help ensure that graduate and professional students don’t lose access to the federal loans that enable them to finance the full cost of their education.

How are people raising their voices? It’s easier than you think.

Social media connects us to Members of Congress and makes spreading awareness as easy as tapping “Tweet.” See how our student advocates are speaking up on social media to help #SaveGradPLUS:

Want to join the effort to protect future health professionals and the patients they serve across the country? Your voice has a valuable place in our fight to save Grad PLUS, so we’re making it even easier to act.

Take a minute to share our social graphic below with a message to your legislators. Tell them why Grad PLUS is important to you. Here are a few sample messages you can use:

  1. The financial future of the #healthcare workforce and the communities they serve are at risk. Help me continue to serve my community as a health care professional by helping me #SaveGradPLUS!
  2. .[INSERT LAWMAKER TWITTER HANDLE], as you debate the future of the #HEA, it’s critical that you consider health professions students. We rely on federal #financialaid to serve communities across the nation. #SaveGradPLUS
  3. As a health professions student, the fate of Grad PLUS has far-reaching effects on the community I serve, my patients, and our nation’s #healthcare system. #SaveGradPLUS

Remember, advocacy is always better with a friend, so make sure to tag a fellow student or colleague and challenge them to join the effort to #SaveGradPLUS! Together, we have the power to impact meaningful change for the health care community.

Interested in taking your advocacy a step further? Join the ED to MED campaign today and start fighting for a better future.

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