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Blog » Use Your Facebook Profile Pic to Help #SaveGradPLUS

Use Your Facebook Profile Pic to Help #SaveGradPLUS

June 1, 2018

By Mary-Lynn Bender, AACOM Director of Congressional and Public Affairs

In case you missed the news, Republican leadership in the House of Representatives is considering a vote on the PROSPER Act soon. This bill would replace the Direct Loan Program with a new Federal ONE Loan Program, and Grad PLUS loans would be reduced and replaced. This would result in significant limitations on borrowing for health professions students. In many cases, students would be left without adequate federal financial aid to support their full cost of attendance, including tuition, textbooks, room and board, and other critical living expenses.

You can show your support for Grad PLUS and help spread the word about the need for students to speak up by using our new #SaveGradPLUS Facebook profile picture frame. It takes only a few minutes to set up and will increase awareness among and spur action from your peers.

This is the time to act! The health professions community must raise our collective voice to ensure Congress gets the message about how important Grad PLUS loans are to the future health care workforce and the patients they serve across the country.

Below are the steps you must take to add the frame to your Facebook profile picture:

    1. Log in to your Facebook profile.
    2. Click on the “Update Profile Picture” button.
    3. Click “Add Frame.”
    4. Search “#SaveGradPLUS” or “ED to MED” to find the frame.
    5. Select the frame and make sure to urge your friends to join the movement!
    6. Post this message on your Facebook page:
      I’ve changed my profile picture to help save Grad PLUS loans, which are under attack in Congress. Students and patients in communities across the country depend on this vital federal financial aid to support training for careers in the health professions. Join me in urging Congress to #SaveGradPLUS at”


Thank you in advance for taking action and using our new Facebook profile frame.

Interested in becoming more active in the movement to #SaveGradPLUS? Be sure to join the ED to MED campaign today and start fighting to raise the profile of graduate student debt issues in the halls of Congress.

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